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Supporting your child with Maths

Maths is not just a subject that is taught in school - it is all around us in our everyday lives.  Being able to count, tell the time and solve problems are essential life skills which we will use regularly throughout the our lives. 

While teaching methods in school may have changed over time and many parents report feeling unsure about their own abilities when trying to help their child with homework, there are still many things you can do to encourage your child with learning Maths.  Even if you don't feel confident with Maths yourself, you can still make a huge difference in boosting your child's confidence, encouraging them as they grow and develop.

Below are some ideas on how to increase your child's curiosity in Maths, helping them to make links between what they may learn in school and how it relates/is useful in the world around them.   

  • White Rose Maths Workbooks
    This is a free resources for use at home from White Rose Maths. These workbooks follow the same curriculum as we teach in school and provide opportunities for your child to discuss with you as parents, their understanding and methods they have been taught in class.

  • Maths on Toast
    The family Maths charity - explore, play and enjoy together!

Below is also a link to a free web resource designed to help parents to check in with their own maths knowledge.