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Our Curriculum

At Capel-le-Ferne Primary School we follow the 2014 National Curriculum.The subjects included in this curriculum are:



Art and Design

Design and Technology




Modern Foreign Languages


Physical Education

Religious Education


Outdoor Learning

Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education

We believe that it is vital that children to be confident, creative and independent learners. Along with the need to develop respect, these form the basis of our school's core values, which underpin our curriculum.

Basic Skills

We believe it is crucial that children acquire a solid understanding of the basic skills in English and maths in the early years of school. This grounding will equip them to broaden and deepen their learning as they move through the school.

In 2014 the school changed its approach to phonics, early reading and writing, with successful results. In maths, we use practical resources such as "Numicon" to ensure that children understand the concepts of number at an early age. 

Broad and Balanced Curriculum

The school's curriculum reflects the aims that we are striving for each child to achieve. Our intent is that:

Our pupils will be learners who have the skills and integrity to thrive in life. These skills can be characterised by:

         The appropriate life and academic skills at each stage of their school life.

   A willingness to build on prior learning to tackle new challenges, make mistakes in the process, and learn from them to move forward.

         An understanding of the difference between right and wrong, reflected in the way we lead our daily lives.

        An ability to take personal responsibility for our actions, and to demonstrate how our actions can have a positive benefit on the wider community.

         Aspiration, drawing inspiration from role models in all walks of life.

       An understanding of how we learn, and a desire to make ongoing improvements in our learning.

PE and Sport

We believe that it is vital that children have the opportunity to access a wide range of sporting provision, and maintain healthy lifestyles. We have our own minibus which is used to transport groups to local sporting events on a regular basis, and employ our own Sports Coach to provide high quality PE across the school.

Outdoor learning

We are fortunate that our school sits in lovely grounds, and we are in the middle of a project, backed by our PFA, to develop these grounds to have the maximum impact on outdoor learning.

Religious Education

We follow the Kent Agreed Syllabus for religious education.

National Curriculum Expectations

Please see below for the objectives that will be covered in each year group.

Further Information-Curriculum

In addition to the curriculum details on this page, parents can gain further information about individual subjects in this section of the website (follow the Curriculum toolbar). In addition we hold a Parents' Evening for new Reception Class parents in June, and hold "Meet and Greet" evenings to discuss the curriculum in each year at the start of September. The class teacher will also be very happy to meet with parents on an appointment basis to discuss the curriculum further.