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Maths Curriculum

We aim for every child who attends our school to be able to develop confidence and fluency in their ability to count and calculate with number, recognising that their knowledge and recall of number facts is a foundational building block upon which they can relate and apply wider maths concepts. 

Alongside this, pupils will develop reasoning and problem solving skills through their introduction to mathematical language, concepts and resources, which supports their development and application of mathematics with the world around us. 

Pupils will grow in their ability to see patterns in workings, break down problems into manageable steps and apply their prior knowledge and skills to solve and seek solutions in ever widening situations and with increasing levels of challenge. 

White Rose Maths

As a school, we follow White Rose Maths.  This Scheme of Learning provides a yearly framework and small-step progressions for each year group, in accordance with National Curriculum expectations.  It is underpinned by the principles of Mastery curriculum, which recognises that children’s chances are maximised if they develop deep and lasting understanding of mathematical procedures and concepts.   It is taught through a series of blocks containing carefully sequenced objectives in order that children’s understanding will develop gradually, with opportunities to recap prior learning.   

Pupils are guided through new learning by their teacher, with an emphasis on mathematical talk, encouraging use of questioning to unpick the structures of maths and deepen links and understanding in learning. 

Independent practice allows pupils the opportunity to put their learning into practice themselves, seeing the transference of new skills and knowledge from their teacher to each individual.  It centres on varied fluency, exploring maths in a range of real-life situations, drawing on different methods and approaches to strengthen and enrich learning concepts.   

Reasoning and problem solving creates opportunities for children to apply their knowledge and understanding.  A mixture of open and closed questions allows pupils to explore a variety of possible solutions and grow in their appreciation of the range of different acceptable outcomes.

Resourcing our Maths learning

In addition to White Rose materials, the school draws on training and resources from The National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics (NCETM) as an active Hub member.  We also subscribe to Classroom Secrets where much of our printed resourcing for independent pupil activities in Maths comes from.   Teachers select appropriate resources and independent practice questions to best meet their intended aims of each session and the differentiated needs of pupils within their class. 

Each class has a range of concrete manipulative resources to support pupils in their development in understanding of mathematical concepts.  These range from everyday resources such as number lines, Numicon, Cuisenaire, place value counters, multi-link, counting strings etc. to more topic specific weights/measures, fractions boards and statistical displays.  See our dedicated page to learn more.

White Rose Maths Primary Progression Overview

See documents below for an overview of Maths coverage for each year group: