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Capel-le-Ferne Primary School Handwriting Policy

Children will learn cursive writing from the beginning of school.


Class R

Class 1

Class 2

Class 3

Class 4

Class 5

Class 6

Term 1

Gross motor

Practise and consolidate cursive formation





Focus upon strong pencil grip




Formation and proportion

Diagonal joins



Focus upon size, proportion and spacing

Ensure consistency, size and proportion


Continue if necessary

Practise consistency, size and proportion




Term 2

Fine motor and pattern making

Horizontal joins







Intervention based

Fine motor skills sessions once a week for children struggling

Term 3

Single cursive letters

Diagonal with ascenders




Term 4

Horizontal with ascenders



Focus upon speed, fluency and legibility

Term 5



Consolidate with full word formation

Term 6



Sessions to be carried out – 20 minutes per session

Each taught session should have the teacher modelling correct formation, children try and teacher with TA walk around and correct instantly to prevent mistakes continuing. Work needs to be dated.

Session to be marked by highlighting best example and underlining errors, these can then be corrected during practise sessions.


Gross and fine motor skill development


3 sessions,

2 taught (modelled)

1 practise


3 sessions,

2 taught (modelled)

1 practise


Twice a week

1 taught

1 practise


Twice a week practise (taught if particular concern)

5 and 6   

Intervention based unless particular issue

Sequence letters to be taught – to be moved on when children are confident in formation






Rockin’ round letters

a d g q c o

Climb ‘n’ slide letters

I u w t l h i

Loopy letters

e k f j

Lumpy letters

n m v x

Mix ‘n’ match

p r s y z b

Letter formation

Children will be awarded a pen license once the teacher is happy that their writing is consistent, joining letters with good formation and proportion. If their writing declines in quality they will be given three chances before losing their license until improvement is seen.