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English Curriculum

At Capel-le-Ferne Primary School we follow the New National Curriculum Guidance using a text based approach. The Curriculum is covered using different genres (types) of fiction and non-fiction literature. Each class will select an appropriate text to form the basis of their planning for that (short) term. Through creative teaching children become immersed in a text and generate exciting, thoughtful and well structured writing across a range of different genres.

A text-based approach to literacy

Text-based literacy is a very effective and popular way of teaching the English curriculum. Using a high quality text, teachers can support children to develop speaking and listening skills, reading and writing in a fun, engaging and motivating way. Each year group can select their own key texts upon which their lessons will be focused. The main text chosen can be reinforced with additional texts, which do not necessarily have to be books. Although children need to be taught skills around many different genre types.

The initial reading and analysis of whole texts provide the building blocks for writing.