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A Guide to the Sharing of Learning using Seesaw​​​​​​​

Teachers may post learning on Seesaw in 1 of 3 ways:

  1. Teachers may share an announcement of learning. This is like an email message contained in the Seesaw inbox. Pupils can view these messages only, while parents have the facility to send messages in reply.
  2. Teachers may post work for pupils on the class journal.  Pupils can make short comments on this post in response or create their own posts, described below, to include additional detail or upload documents.
  3. Teachers may set learning as activities within the activities tab.

Pupils may post a response to learning set by their teacher using the big green +Add button found on the journal page. They have options to take a photo, draw a picture, write a note, record video, attach files or add an online link.  This content is then shared with their teacher and can be viewed by their parents through the linked family account.

Pupils may also respond to learning activities set in the Activities tab, responding at the bottom of the instruction page using the green +Add button in the same way as described above.

If a parent has an individual query about their child’s learning, they have the facility to message teachers through their family account and can include attachments of learning. This will not be shared publicly.

Understanding who sees what posts

When pupils make new posts, they are shared only with their teacher and family and will be labelled with just the name of the pupil alongside it.

When teachers make posts, they may select to share it with individuals, groups of children or everyone in the class.  Each post is labelled alongside it at the top left with who can see it, with the class name/icon indicating it has been shared with everyone.  Any comments made underneath these posts can also be viewed by all pupils the post is shared with and their assigned family.

Parents can also add comments to their child’s posts. Teachers see a list of which parents have viewed posts.  

Individual posts can have their settings changed to make them available for everyone in the class to see. Teachers may choose to do this as a way of sharing good examples of learning that have been sent to them. Pupils can also change the setting of their post, requesting from their teacher that this individual post be shared with everyone.  Teachers will consider the appropriateness of each post to be shared before it is published, adhering to the expressed permission for work to be published online held in our wider home-school agreements.

Shared posts are assigned as a post on each child’s journal, allowing all assigned parents to view them in accordance with the family permissions.  [Shared posts are identified as ‘your posts’ because they are in ‘your’ journal; it does not mean you were the person who originally posted them.]   

The sharing of posts should only be applied to new posts made in the class journal, and not to posts made responding to set tasks in the activities tab. [Activities responses that have their settings changed to share with everyone appear to be applied as having been submitted by everyone, duplicating them as each person’s response.]

Sharing and celebrating our learning

The class web pages on the school website will continue to operate as a place to share and celebrate the learning achievements within each class.  In addition to examples of learning activities that took place in the classroom and those brought to school in response to home learning tasks, learning uploaded and shared via the Seesaw platform may be appropriately selected and shared in this way.